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09.03.2020 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 2.3.3 released

QueryAssist for MongoDB 2.3.3 is out!

  • Linux version now distributed in the AppImage format
  • Shell now fully supports MongoDB 4.2.3
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts to code editor:
    • Jump to matching bracket
    • Reformat code
    • Move Line Up/Down
    • Copy Line Up/Down
    • Select all occurrences of current selection
    • Expand/Shrink AST selection
  • Added "Execute selected statement" command in shell
  • Added "View online help" command (F1) to show extended info for shell methods, aggregation stages and expressions
  • Open quotes and braces will automatically wrap selected text when pressed
  • Code completion now supports:
    • aggregation variables
    • explain (DBExplainQuery)
    • convertShardKeyToHashed
  • Added new preferences to disable automatic brace completion, automatic quote completion and auto-indent
  • "Select word" keybind now will repeatedly select next occurencies when activated again
  • Improvement editor performance with long strings
  • Code completion now use fuzzy matching
  • "Esc" keybind will escape the multi-line selection
  • Lowered delay to show hints in code editor
  • Fixed Shift + MouseClick - will once again select text range
  • Fixed autocomplete for schema validators