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08.13.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 1.1.3 released: Improved IntelliSense, on-the-fly syntax error highlighting, code completion for SQL, new themes and more

QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.1.3 is out!
This version provides major improvement to IntelliSense, including code completion for JavaScript functions, aggregation pipeline stages, as well as SQL fields and operators. We've added user preferences to set data formats, document key order, IntelliSense settings, and other improvements.

Code completion

QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.1.3 now supports code completion for aggregation pipeline stage names and options,
standard JavaScript functions, string literals and keywords.

MongoDB code completion in QueryAssist

Syntax error highlighting

Added on-the-fly syntax error highlighting for find/update operators and aggregation pipeline.

Syntax error highlighting in QueryAssist

IntelliSense for SQL

IntelliSense for SQL now support fields and operators completion in both shell and collection views.

Code completion for SQL in QueryAssist


Three more themes added.

Switching between three new dark themes in QueryAssist


Added settings for document key order, data formats, IntelliSense settings and more.

Settings for document key order, data formats and code completion

MongoDB 4.0

MongoDB 4.0 new shell methods, including transactions, are fully supported.