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09.14.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 1.1.25 released: Personal license for individual developers

QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.1.25 is out!

QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.1.25

We've added new software license - Personal license for individual developers.

Personal license features all benefits of free edition, plus advanced code completion, Query Code generator, SQL queries, X.509 authentification, full themes support and priority e-mail support. For detailed feature comparion, see our features comparison list.

QueryAssist for MongoDB is licensed per user, so if you are an individual developer, you can use QueryAssist for MongoDB Personal on both your laptop and desktop computers, as long as they both used by you only.
Please note, that all QueryAssist for MongoDB licenses are cross-platform, allowing you to activate your license on either Windows or MacOS software version, or both.

Important bug fixes

  • Query history now displays in correct order
  • Fixed an issue with read-only lock in shell
  • Improved query result for aggregation pipeline. Now tree, table and JSON views are displayed correctly for aggregation pipeline result
  • Improved read-only functionality for table view
  • Fixed an issue with search in query history for SQL queries