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09.03.2020 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 2.3.3 released

Code editor improvements, additional Linux distributions supported and more.

11.18.2019 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 2.2.5 released

Linux version is available, added option to turn off Retryable Writes for MongoDB connections and more.

11.02.2019 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 2.1.2 released

New reworked Export and Import wizards, autocomplete improvements and more.

09.10.2019 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 2.0.42 released

Today, we're excited to announce QueryAssist for MongoDB 2.0.42. Query Assist v2.0 is now available for macOS.
Trials was reseted for all OS X users so you can enjoy all new features.

08.22.2019 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 2.0.17 released

Today, we're excited to announce QueryAssist for MongoDB 2.0.17. Windows version is out, OS X version coming soon.
Trials for all free users was reseted so you can enjoy all new features.

07.25.2019 We're happy to announce that QueryAssist v.2.0 coming August 22

There will be a lot of improvements including new reworked Tree/Table views, full support of keybinds, aggregation queries builder and more. Stay tuned!

12.26.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB updated to 1.2.70

Today, we're excited to announce QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.2.70.
This update includes several important and over 40 minor bug fixes and improvements.

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10.31.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB updated to 1.2.17

Today, we are happy to announce QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.2.17.
This update includes new and improved code editor, quality of life changes for OSX version and some bug fixes.

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09.14.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.1.25 is out!

We've added new software license - Personal license for individual developers. Personal license features all benefits of free edition, plus advanced code completion, Query Code generator, SQL queries, X.509 authentification, full themes support and priority e-mail support.

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08.13.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB 1.1.3 is out!

This version provides major improvement to IntelliSense, including code completion for JavaScript functions, aggregation pipeline stages, as well as SQL fields and operators. We've added user preferences to set data formats, document key order, IntelliSense settings, and other improvements.

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08.01.2018 QueryAssist for MongoDB version 1.0.1 released

Changelog 1.0.1:

  • Improved smart code completion - added tooltips for aggregation operations
  • Theme support - dark theme added
  • Added convertors between Shell and SQL query modes
  • You can now set comments to any database objects in database or connection trees
  • Added support for read-only mode in MongoDB Shell
  • Query Code - added support for Python

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