Professional GUI tool for MongoDB

Make your MongoDB experience enjoyable

QueryAssist version 2.3.3
QueryAssist comes with:
Powerful IntelliSense
SQL queries for MongoDB
Easy in-place editing
X509 / LDAP / Kerberos
Fully-featured shell
GridFS support
Query Code
Smart code completion in QueryAssist for MongoDB
Smart code completion

QueryAssist for MongoDB offers smart code completion (IntelliSense) and on-the-fly error highlighting for document fields and shell methods, matching bracket highlighting, EcmaScript 6 support and more.

SQL Queries for MongoDB in QueryAssist
SQL Queries for MongoDB

You can write SQL queries in both Shell and Collection views, than switch between Mongo and SQL query modes with one single click.

Organize MongoDB databases with colors, folders, readonly flags
Organize databases

Organize your connections, databases and collections with folders, color marks, set comments for any database objects. Have some important data you are afraid to lose? Set connections, databases or any database object to read-only mode.

Edit MongoDB data in-place in QueryAssist
In-place editing

You can change any documents in collection with simple double-click in tree or table view modes. Change types, names, values, simple as that.

Convert MongoDB queries to C#, Java, Python, Node.js code in QueryAssist
Query code

QueryAssist for MongoDB allows you to automatically convert your Mongo and SQL queries to various target languages, such as Java, C#, JavaScript (Node.js and shell), Python.

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